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An increasing number of companies and business houses are facing the crisis when it comes to hiring skilled work force. Not all graduates are industry-ready, making it quintessential for building a strong bridge between the academics and industry by focusing on the benchmarks of the corporate world; and linking the standard academic curriculum with industry requirements. Our 1/6 Weeks Industrial Training program is the perfect way to upgrade students for the professional world.

JOB IS FOR YOU has a promising track record of almost 90% quality placements every year. Our tailor-made IT training solutions are exclusively job-oriented, elevating the skill and employability quotient.

Aaditya Gupta

Infotree Services (2.5 LPA)

Abinash Sah

Okaya Infocom (2.2 LPA)

Ajit Kumar

Amiga (3.0 LPA)

Amit Kumar

RG Talent (2.3 LPA)

Anand Kumar

TRG (3.6 LPA)

Anil Kuamr

Primus Software (2.4 LPA)

Anup gupta

Nityo Infotech (2.4 LPA)

Chandan Kumar

American Cyber System (3.6 LPA)

Deepa Chouhan

E-Solutions (2.6 LPA)

Deepak Kuamr

Maven Tech (2.4 LPA)

Dheeraj Sharma

Okaya Infocom (2.0 LPA)

Gaurav Kumar

NLB Services (3.0 LPA)

Harendra Kumar

Okaya Infocom (3.6 LPA)

Kanav Seth

E-Solutions (4.8 LPA)

Lakshmi Kumari

Okaya Infocom (2.0 LPA)

Madhav Kumar

Nityo Infotech (2.0 LPA)

Mahak Singh

Manstone Technologies (3.6 LPA)

Mahipal Singh

Okaya Infocom (2.3 LPA)

Manish Kumar Singh

Enterprise Solutions (2.3 LPA)

Manoj Kuamr

American Cyber System (3.5 LPA)

Madhurendra Kumar

Acelerar (2.7 LPA)

Monu Kumar

Enterprise Solutions (2.3 LPA)

Monu Singh Chauhan

Ramy Infotech (2.3 LPA)

Mukesh Singh

Infotree Services (2.6 LPA)

Nitin Dahiya

Trimax (3.6 LPA)

Pallavi Verma

Collar Search (2.3 LPA)


TRG (3.0 LPA)

Prashant Sharma

Quantronix (3.0 LPA)

Prem Prabhat

(3.0 LPA)

Pritam Jha

ONS Interactive Solutions (2.4 LPA)

Putul Singh

Ramy Infotech (2.4 LPA)

Radhe Raman Mishra

Compunal Software (3.0 LPA)

Rahul Kuamr

Okaya Infocom (2.0 LPA)

Rajnikant Bhushan

Enterprise Solutions (3.0 LPA)

Rajnish Kumar

Collar Search (2.2 LPA)

Rakesh Kuamr

Okaya Infocom (2.5 LPA)

Ram Shankar Kamat

Infotree Services (2.6 LPA)

Randhir Kumar

IDC Technologies (3.2 LPA)

Ravi Kumar

Okaya Infocom (4.1 LPA)

Ravi Shankar

Enterprise Solutions (2.3 LPA)